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Launching an in-house delivery brand

Pizza Inn, which had a 67% market share in the pizza market and over 60 counters nationwide, launched its own delivery brand called Pizza Inn Delivery. They sought to manage the full production-to-delivery process in-house and improve customer experience. Our task was to promote the move from third-party delivery apps to Pizza Inn's new delivery app, by creating an interactive and engaging advertising campaign to increase awareness and build affinity for the new delivery service in Nairobi and other towns.

The Idea

The grass is always greener on the other side; and the crust is always thicker on the other side.Our migration from other aggregator platforms to Pizza Inn Delivery is akin to moving from your landlord’s whims to your own independent space. Here, your pizza gets to you as it should: hot, with all the slices intact, and to exactly where you are on time.
We embarked on a tantalizing journey of intrigue and speculation. For a fortnight, we teased the imagination of our devoted customers. This sparked a frenzied curiosity among them, with many taking to social media to wonder if we were relocating our establishments, unveiling new culinary delights, or expanding our offerings. This spellbinding prelude served as a prelude to our momentous transition, as we seamlessly migrated from our prior platforms, to reveal a new era of excellence.
The Face of Delivery
We wanted to make sure our delivery campaign had a personal touch, instead of feeling faceless like most other delivery campaigns. So, we came up with a fun idea to use a mascot who represents the everyday Kenyan, excitedly holding an open Pizza box to show off the delicious pizza inside. By using this mascot in all our marketing, we were able to promote our goal of "Delivering Happiness" and encouraged customers to join us in our "The Great Migration" campaign and it turned out to be a real hit with our customers, who really liked the friendly and personal approach we took.
We were really thrilled to see that within the first month of launching our new delivery app, more than 20,000 people downloaded it! And it just kept getting better, by the end of three months, we had over 55,000 downloads! We heard from many customers that they loved how quick the deliveries were, that the prices were great and most importantly, they found our delivery service to be super friendly and personal. We were so happy to see that most of our customers joined "The Great Migration" and it definitely shows in our sales, Pizza Inn continues to do great across the country!
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