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Daily Deli
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The Work

Takeaway deliciousness,

made healthy

The Goal

Daily Deli defines healthy fast-food. No added guilts, regrets or disappointments. The task at hand was to craft a brand that showed how healthy food could be cheeky, playful and fun. Inspired by this spirit, we put joy at the heart of our design.

Daily Deliciousness Delivered

As most meals would be served using bowls, we crafted the logo to resemble two bowls, with one slightly askew to communicate the quirkiness of the brand. Pairing that with a slightly tweaked no-frills san-serif font helped achieve the balance that the meals themselves had.
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Bowl'd Typography
Characterful yet functional, Nichrome became our primary font for shouting about our love for healthy food. We paired it with saturated warm colors inspired by fast-food restaurants. This all came together in punny graphic assets that endeared the brand to anyone who came across it.
Here to Grab Eyeballs
Visual richness, from logo to photography in a category often presented in cooler-than-thou minimalist designs made this a fun, comforting, enjoyable and healthy eating experience.
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