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Side Chic
Branding & Identity
Food, Beverage & Alcohol
The Work

Made to excite

the senses

The Goal

‍In order to stand out, we knew we needed to create a fried-chicken brand that acted a little differently. With a SideChic as the brand name, we leaned into the persona of having a delectable little secret. Our brand mascot became a catalyst for humour and storytelling, allowing the brand to deliver something everyone is craving: authenticity.

Bringing back the

guilty pleasures

The logo showcases the sassy and flirty personality of the brand. Paired with a custom wordmark inspired by 70's disco typography and a hot pink and purple color scheme, the identity sets itself apart from the category while still maintaining an approachable air.
SideChic is a brand that embodies flavorful African jester-outlaw persona, which promotes guilty pleasures and preference, is impossible to surpass. With fun tongue-in-cheek phrases being the key marker of the brand, we created a culture that celebrates the ones who live loudly and unashamedly.
Indulge in Pink
Championing the hot-pink as the primary colour allowed the brand to transcend tropes and add some visual edginess to the identity.
Playful and Naughty
Using local colloquial saying, we brought the brand to life by making it part of Nairobi culture.
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