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We Move


The Goal

Enda is a lifestyle brand creating high-quality shoes, gear and goods built sustainably and ethically. As a brand for those on the go (the active, the dreamers, the revolutionaries, the unsung); we were to revitalize the identity and the brand strategy, exploring the larger role of Enda while adding visual flair to every visual touchpoint.

We Move People

Through our branding workshop we grew the brand story to one that champions meaningful progress in people’s lives through high-quality shoes, gear and goods that celebrate it's Kenyan heritage. With the Enda Spear at the heart of the brand, we crafted a diverse set of graphic assets that could be used across all touchpoints.
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We Move Faster
The Enda Spear was instrumental in choosing a typeface that had the same sense of motion. We chose a typeface that is high-impact, condensed, and by adding sliced out elements to flat, horizontal strokes, it conveyed movement, personality, and a sense of speed.
We Move for Progress
To shift the brand focus from athletics to athleisure, we jumped at the chance to capture the new focus through an inclusive and authentic lifestyle shoot. We also photographed the shoes to showcase the details in each pair.
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