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Lexo Energy
Social Care
Energy, Transportation & QSR
2020 to present
The Work

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Redefining Petrol
Stations Online

Lexo Energy is a new and rapidly expanding network of tech-led fuel stations in East Africa that deliver excellence and lead the way in innovation and customer care. Our task was to position Lexo Energy as the preferred petrol station and refreshment point by all road users, through increasing engagement and TOM awareness throught their social care.

The Campaigns

Understanding the brand was the first step to crafting campaigns that resonated with our audience and communicated Lexo’s values as well as increased brand salience. To have an all-rounded experience of the brand, we crafted digital campaigns that included onsite activations and giveaways that helped tie all our comms with streamlined messaging.
We humanized the brand in fun ways like including activations; showing faces behind the great service was key to achieving success in our campaigns.
Success Snapshot
As we tracked progress month after month, we crafted our strategy based on valuable data, and realigned our campaigns for even greater impact. Through imaginative use of the vivid blue and green that define the Lexo Energy brand, we created lock-ups for a diverse content mix, allowing us to retain top-of-mind awareness while captivating our audience with a range of engaging visuals. With our primary focus on motorbikes and public service vehicles, we remain steadfast in our commitment to inspire and delight our audience at every turn.
Human Touch
Through engaging posts, captivating photography, and a friendly tone of voice, we infused a human touch into the brand experience, building a deeper connection with our audience. By entertaining followers with quizzes, puzzles, and fun facts, we facilitated a meaningful connection with the Lexo Energy brand. This led to a boost in engagement, as well as increased footfall for both Lexo Energy and its convenience store, L'express. Our positive and welcoming online presence translated into real-world visits, driving loyalty among customers.
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