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The Goal

After nearly a decade building online fashion accessible to many, it was time for ShopZetu to make their brand more premium to resonate with their clientele. We were tasked with refining their visual identity, while retaining aspects of brand equity.

‍A New Look

We crafted a brand identity that could work with multiple brand identities while retaining a distinct look and feel. With our carefully crafted monogram held in a square, it was easy to place it on any medium while remaining recogizable.
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Designed for all occasions
The ShopZetu visual system prioritizes flexibility over visual flair making it usable with the wide variety of colors and brand stocked on the platform. This coupled with a sharp, sophisticated serif and an industrious humanist font results in a distinctively fashionable identity.
Smart meets Sharp
We tempered exquisite typography with pops of colour reflecting ShopZetu's excellent photography, and we grounded the superlative tone of voice with immersive and unusual visual stories.
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